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SELAMATHARIAIR.COM – Dreadlocks are one of the popular hairstyles. Many enthusiasts, but a few producers of dreadlocks hair extensions. In Indonesia there are several manufacturers of dreadlocks hair extensions, one of them is me. Are you looking for info about Dreadlocks Extension?

Dreadlocks are synonymous with reggae and jamaica music. But Indonesia also has a legend about dreads. In a highland area of ​​Dieng, Central Java, there is a legend of dreadlocks named Kyai Kolodete. Many young children are born with dreads. Dieng people call it rambut gembel.

Dreadlocks Extension

Talking about dreadlocks hair extensions, I offer dreadlocks hair extensions. Dreadlocks hair extensions that I produce are real human hair.
You can order Dreadlocks Extension length according to your wishes. For the size of dreadlocks extension, these hair extensions are as little as a finger. We ussualy offer with a length of 30cm, send message for detail and special price for you.
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Some photos from dreadlocks hair extensions I have ever made are as follows:
dreadlocks extension for sale
dreadlocks extension (real human hair)
jual rambut gimbal sambungan
long dreadlocks extension

dreadlocks extension
dreadlocks extension is installed
In addition to the production of dreadlocks hair extensions, I also receive dreadlocks hair extensions installation services. But I can only serve it in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I also tidied clients’ dreadlocks several times, one of which was an Indonesian reggae singer named Ras Muhamad.
This is the documentation in 2013 when tidying Ras Muhamad’s dreads.
dreadlocks extension
Ras Muhamad – Indonesia Reggae Ambasador
To order dreadlocks hair extensions please contact me via e-mail [email protected] or via whatsapp +6281235124826, I am waiting for your cooperation.